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A Finger Controller is a component of a bicycle's shifting system used to control the shifting of the front or rear derailleur.
Finger controls are usually located on the handlebar and are used to control the shifting of either the front or rear derailleur with the flick of a finger.
The main purpose of a finger-paddle controller is to enable the rider to easily control the shifting to suit different road conditions and speed requirements. When choosing a bicycle, select a model equipped with a high-quality, reliable finger-paddle controller, and pay attention to routine maintenance and repair to keep it clean and lubricated to ensure the normal operation and service life of the gearshift system.
Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.
About SunRun

Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Trigger Shifter Manufacturer and Trigger Shifter Factory, was founded in 1991, specializing in the production of bicycle transmission systems, braking systems and other components. The leading products include a series of derailleurs, variable speed flywheels, high-end cassette hubs, disc brakes, brake components, cranksets and more than 300 varieties in six categories.

In 2015, in response to Made in China 2025, the company established Ningbo Dongjin Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a new internal and external variable speed transmission system, entering the first echelon of the domestic industry. "Chicheng wheel industry, quality first" is the pursuit of quality by Richeng people. The company has introduced internationally advanced key technologies such as precision cold forging, CNC machining, heat treatment, and multi-station stamping to develop transmissions with Richeng characteristics. , transmission kit, sales volume leads domestic peers. The registered brands SUNRUN, TONGKEEN and HEMU enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The company has independent export rights, and its products are exported to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Xu Mingqiang, chairman of the company, sincerely invites domestic and foreign merchants to come for negotiation and guidance.


Trigger Shifter Industry knowledge

Can the Trigger Shifter's performance in extreme environments cope with severe weather and road conditions?

Can the Trigger Shifter perform in extreme environments and cope with bad weather and road conditions?
As an advanced shifting system, Trigger Shifter is designed to provide a stable and efficient shifting experience in various riding environments. However, how will its performance be affected when faced with extreme weather and bad road conditions?
In extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain, heavy snow or high temperatures, the durability and sealing of the Trigger Shifter will face severe tests. These weather conditions may not only cause rust or corrosion to the internal parts of the transmission, but may also affect the smoothness and accuracy of shifting due to the intrusion of moisture or impurities. In addition, high temperatures can cause the lubricating oil inside the transmission to deteriorate, affecting its performance. However, high-quality Trigger Shifters usually have good waterproof and dustproof designs, which can resist these adverse factors to a certain extent.
In bad road conditions, Trigger Shifter also faces considerable challenges. Rugged mountain roads, muddy and slippery country lanes, or gravel-strewn roads may pose a threat to the stability and durability of the transmission. These road conditions may not only cause shock and vibration to the transmission, but may also damage its internal parts due to the intrusion of impurities and particulate matter. However, by using high-strength materials and optimized structural design, the Trigger Shifter is able to greatly improve its durability and stability in harsh road conditions.
In order to cope with the challenges of extreme environments and harsh road conditions, cyclists using the Trigger Shifter also need to pay attention to the following points: first, regularly maintain and maintain the transmission to ensure that it is clean internally and replace the lubricant; second, ride in bad weather When riding, try to avoid wading in water or being exposed to wet conditions for a long time; finally, when choosing a riding route, try to avoid overly rough or muddy road sections to reduce impact and damage to the transmission.
Therefore, although the Trigger Shifter will face certain challenges in extreme environments and harsh road conditions, it can still maintain stable performance through the use of high-quality materials and optimized design, as well as the correct use and maintenance by the rider. Therefore, for those cyclists who often need to ride in harsh environments, choosing a Trigger Shifter with excellent performance is undoubtedly a wise choice.