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A single-speed flywheel is a bicycle transmission component that allows the rider to coast without pedalling while still providing the ability to pedal forwards. It is commonly found on single-speed bicycles and some other types of bicycles that are not shifted, and has become popular in recent years on new national standard bike sharing and electric bicycles. A single-speed flywheel consists of a set of sprockets (also known as a gear train) attached to the hub of the rear wheel. Inside the flywheel mechanism, there are ratchet teeth that engage when you pedal forward, allowing you to drive the bike forward. When you stop pedalling, the ratchet mechanism releases and you are free to glide. Common tooth sizes are 12T,13T,14T,16T,18T,20T.
Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.
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Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Single Speed Freewheel Manufacturer and Single Speed Freewheel Factory, was founded in 1991, specializing in the production of bicycle transmission systems, braking systems and other components. The leading products include a series of derailleurs, variable speed flywheels, high-end cassette hubs, disc brakes, brake components, cranksets and more than 300 varieties in six categories.

In 2015, in response to Made in China 2025, the company established Ningbo Dongjin Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a new internal and external variable speed transmission system, entering the first echelon of the domestic industry. "Chicheng wheel industry, quality first" is the pursuit of quality by Richeng people. The company has introduced internationally advanced key technologies such as precision cold forging, CNC machining, heat treatment, and multi-station stamping to develop transmissions with Richeng characteristics. , transmission kit, sales volume leads domestic peers. The registered brands SUNRUN, TONGKEEN and HEMU enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The company has independent export rights, and its products are exported to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Xu Mingqiang, chairman of the company, sincerely invites domestic and foreign merchants to come for negotiation and guidance.


Single Speed Freewheel Industry knowledge

How to solve the problem of the Single Speed Freewheel flywheel being stuck or not rotating smoothly?

To solve the problem of stuck or sluggish rotation of the Single Speed Freewheel flywheel, you first need to identify the cause of the problem, and then take corresponding solutions in a targeted manner. The methods and steps to solve this problem will be elaborated below.
First, a stuck or sluggish flywheel may be caused by a buildup of dirt and grease inside the flywheel. After riding for a long time, a large amount of dust, sand and grease will adhere to the flywheel and chain. These impurities will increase the friction between the flywheel and the chain, causing the flywheel to rotate poorly. Therefore, regular cleaning of the flywheel and chain is an important step in solving this problem.
When cleaning the flywheel, you can use special flywheel cleaner or alcohol, spray the cleaner on the flywheel, and then wipe the surface of the flywheel with a clean cloth or brush to remove dirt and grease. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning the chain to ensure that the contact surface between the chain and the flywheel is clean and free of impurities. During the cleaning process, be careful not to damage the surface coating of the flywheel and chain.
Secondly, flywheel jamming or sluggish rotation may also be caused by damaged or improperly installed flywheel bearings. The flywheel bearing is a key component that supports the rotation of the flywheel. If the bearing is damaged or improperly installed, the flywheel will not rotate smoothly or become stuck. Therefore, checking the status and installation of the flywheel bearing is also an important part of solving the problem.
If the flywheel bearing is found to be damaged, it needs to be replaced with a new bearing in time. When replacing bearings, choose the appropriate model and specifications to ensure the matching of the bearings with the flywheel and rear axle. At the same time, when installing the flywheel, make sure that the flywheel is installed correctly without misalignment or deformation to ensure normal rotation of the flywheel.
When adjusting the chain tension, you need to use a special chain tension meter or adjust it according to the actual situation of the bicycle. By adjusting the tension of the chain to maintain appropriate tightness, the friction between the flywheel and the chain can be reduced and the rotation efficiency of the flywheel can be improved.
In short, to solve the problem of the Single Speed Freewheel flywheel being stuck or not rotating smoothly, you need to start from many aspects. By regularly cleaning the flywheel and chain, checking and replacing damaged flywheel bearings, and adjusting the chain tension, this problem can be effectively solved to ensure safe and smooth riding. At the same time, attention should also be paid to avoiding excessive wear on the flywheel and chain during riding to extend their service life.