Founded in 1991, Ningbo Sunrun Bicycle Co., ltd & Its branch company Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.

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Rear derailleur is an important part of bicycle drivetrain, which is responsible for receiving the chain from the front derailleur and connecting it to the rear wheel for power transmission and gear shifting. Our different types of rear derailleurs can be adapted to a wide range of speeds of mountain bikes and road bikes, with strong compatibility, high strength and durability.
Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.
About SunRun

Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Rear Derailleur Manufacturer and Rear Derailleur Factory, was founded in 1991, specializing in the production of bicycle transmission systems, braking systems and other components. The leading products include a series of derailleurs, variable speed flywheels, high-end cassette hubs, disc brakes, brake components, cranksets and more than 300 varieties in six categories.

In 2015, in response to Made in China 2025, the company established Ningbo Dongjin Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a new internal and external variable speed transmission system, entering the first echelon of the domestic industry. "Chicheng wheel industry, quality first" is the pursuit of quality by Richeng people. The company has introduced internationally advanced key technologies such as precision cold forging, CNC machining, heat treatment, and multi-station stamping to develop transmissions with Richeng characteristics. , transmission kit, sales volume leads domestic peers. The registered brands SUNRUN, TONGKEEN and HEMU enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The company has independent export rights, and its products are exported to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Xu Mingqiang, chairman of the company, sincerely invites domestic and foreign merchants to come for negotiation and guidance.


Rear Derailleur Industry knowledge

How to keep your Rear Derailleur clean and lubricated?

Keeping your rear derailleur clean and lubricated is critical to its proper function and longevity. Here are some recommended steps:
1. Cleaning steps:
Prepare tools and materials: You need to prepare some basic tools and materials, such as car wash sponge, hot soapy water, brush (preferably an old toothbrush because the bristles are finer), lint-free cloth, chain cleaner, chain lubricant And a dedicated chain washer if you have one.
Clean the entire bike: First, clean the entire bike, not just the rear derailleur section. Use a car wash sponge and hot, soapy water (hotter is better to remove greasy stains) to remove dirt and oil from your car.
Focus on cleaning the rear derailleur: Move the rear derailleur to the largest disc, wrap the chain in the middle if using a specialized chain washer, and drip soapy water or chain cleaner into the inside of the chain washer. Try to avoid spraying cleaner directly on the chain to prevent waste and contamination of the brake disc.
Rinse and Wipe: Use a brush or sponge to carefully clean every part of the rear derailleur, especially the guide pulley and bearings. Try to avoid using a high-pressure water gun when flushing to prevent water from entering the bearing position and flushing away important grease. Afterwards, wipe all parts with an absorbent cloth and make sure they are completely dry.
2. Lubrication steps:
Choose the right lubricant: Choose a dropper-style chain lubricant so you can more precisely control the amount.
Lubricate the chain and rear derailleur: Apply one drop of lube at a time to the chain rollers, not the entire outside of the chain. Turn the crank slightly to allow the lubricant to penetrate into the rollers and form a protective barrier. After applying the lubricant, let the chain rest for one to two minutes, and then slowly turn the crank for 30 seconds to help the lubricant fully penetrate into the rollers. At the same time, an appropriate amount of lubricating oil can also be dripped into the guide wheel bearing part of the rear derailleur.
Remove excess oil: Use a soft cloth or brush to gently wipe off excess oil, making sure the chain and rear derailleur surfaces are clean and free of oil accumulation.
Note that regular cleaning and lubrication of the rear derailleur is key to keeping it working properly. Additionally, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations and adjust service intervals based on your riding environment and frequency. If the rear derailleur is severely worn or damaged, please contact a professional for repair or replacement in time.