Founded in 1991, Ningbo Sunrun Bicycle Co., ltd & Its branch company Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.

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Hub skins are usually located at the centre of the axle of the front and rear wheels of bicycles, and are usually made of metal or synthetic materials with a certain degree of hardness and durability to withstand the rotation and bumps from the wheels. We produce a wide range of high-grade aluminium alloy axle housings with sealed bearings, which are compatible with all kinds of bicycles fitted with cassette flywheels or spinning flywheels.
Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd.
About SunRun

Ningbo Tongkin Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Bicycle Hub Manufacturer and Bicycle Hub Factory, was founded in 1991, specializing in the production of bicycle transmission systems, braking systems and other components. The leading products include a series of derailleurs, variable speed flywheels, high-end cassette hubs, disc brakes, brake components, cranksets and more than 300 varieties in six categories.

In 2015, in response to Made in China 2025, the company established Ningbo Dongjin Technology Co., Ltd. to develop a new internal and external variable speed transmission system, entering the first echelon of the domestic industry. "Chicheng wheel industry, quality first" is the pursuit of quality by Richeng people. The company has introduced internationally advanced key technologies such as precision cold forging, CNC machining, heat treatment, and multi-station stamping to develop transmissions with Richeng characteristics. , transmission kit, sales volume leads domestic peers. The registered brands SUNRUN, TONGKEEN and HEMU enjoy high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The company has independent export rights, and its products are exported to Europe, North America, Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Xu Mingqiang, chairman of the company, sincerely invites domestic and foreign merchants to come for negotiation and guidance.


Bicycle Hub Industry knowledge

What features does Bicycle Hub provide to keep cities safe?

Bicycle Hub keeps cities safe with several features designed to increase cyclists' sense of security and the overall safety of cycling. Here are some of the key features Bicycle Hub offers to keep cities safe:
Safety facilities and equipment:
Bicycle Hub usually offers high-quality bicycles that are equipped with necessary safety features such as reflective strips, front and rear lights, bells, etc. to enhance visibility at night or in low-light conditions.
Some advanced Bicycle Hubs also provide protective equipment such as helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads for cyclists to use to further reduce possible injuries in the event of an accident.
Safety education and training:
Bicycle Hub may organize safe cycling training courses to teach cyclists traffic rules, hand gestures, road condition judgment and other skills to improve cyclists' traffic safety awareness.
Through training that simulates actual riding environments, cyclists can learn how to ride safely in complex traffic environments.
Emergency rescue services:
Some Bicycle Hubs provide emergency rescue services, such as providing timely assistance and support in contacting medical institutions when cyclists encounter accidents or emergencies.
By establishing an emergency contact mechanism and rescue team, Bicycle Hub can provide necessary assistance to cyclists at critical moments.
Security monitoring and alarm system:
Bicycle Hub may be equipped with security surveillance cameras to record traffic conditions in the riding area, helping to prevent and resolve safety incidents.
Some Bicycle Hubs also have alarm systems, which can send alerts to relevant personnel in time when an abnormal event occurs to ensure timely response.
Cycling route planning and safety tips:
Bicycle Hub may provide intelligent cycling route planning services to help cyclists choose safe and smooth cycling routes and avoid potential dangerous areas.
By providing real-time traffic information and safety tips, cyclists can better understand road conditions and make safer riding decisions.
The comprehensive application of these functions makes Bicycle Hub a safe and reliable cycling service platform, providing urban cyclists with a safer and more convenient cycling experience. At the same time, they also help improve the traffic safety level of the entire city and promote the development of green travel.